IRONARM was born like any other innovative products from a need in the field of road logistics. Container transport  is a well-defined  market with its regulations.  Any movement of the goods in containers ISO requires expensive equipment and long timing. IRONARM drammatically changes this.

ironarm container patented system


The container is placed on the ground and is taken later after being loaded or unloaded. In the meantime, the vehicle does not stay still, but may move to another container thus optimizing downtime and efficiently utilizing the resources available. It is sufficient to align with the semi-trailer to the container and load it with Ironarm. The system is designed to make loading and unloading operations in full autonomy and managed only by the driver of the semi-trailer. All operations are performed by proportional electrohydraulic actuators controlled by handheld radio control. With the help of two rear cameras and a monitor located in the cab, the driver can perform all the manoeuvres safely and speedy. Once the semi-trailer is aligned with the container, the spreader moves to the ground docking position. Once hooked, lifting is proceded. Returning the trolley with Ironarm’s arm to the tractor, you first slide the semi-trailer under the container until contacted with the rollers. At this point the load is completed by sliding the container on the rollers. Finally, the twist-locks are closed so that the semi-trailer could depart with a container solidly fixed and safe.

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    ironarm container

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